1. Why NuLife Hydrogen Water?

Wholesale NFL Jerseys It is an all in one device that meets all the 6 basic requirements to achieve the best quality with regards to drinkable water.

  1. Alkaline (pH 7.8 – 9.0)
  2. Contains abundance of hydrogen
  3. Contains calcium & magnesium
  4. Contains sufficient oxygen
  5. Smaller water clusters
  6. Good electricity conductivity, -ve ORP

2. How are we different from other product in the market?

  1. NuLife Hydrogen Water fulfills all the criteria of healthy water following WHO standard.
  2. Much more complete and integrated in terms of functions to produce healthy water as compared to others.
  3. Convenience as in portability. Can access healthy water on-the-go and not just at home.

3. How can I order your product?

You can order via our online shopping cart with major credit cards and online banking transfer. Alternately you can order via phone, email, fax or walk in to our office