Mulberry Vinegar

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Sinace 2000 years ago, Mulberry, otherwise also known as “Fruit of Longevity”, has been used by the Emperor of China as a wellness ingredient. Mulberry is grown in specific environments, which is free from pollution. Mulberry Vinegar, brewed through a professional technique, is made from high-quality mulberry. Its tasty flavor and nourishing feature makes it the best choice for a summer drink.

  • Ingredients:
     Mulberry Juice, Glutinous Rice Vinegar, Fructose, Honey
  • Benefits:
     Mulberry Vinegar is a wonderful choice as it aids digestion, improves nutrient uptake, improves metabolism, and creates a good internal environment within the body for the growth of good bacteria. Its nutrition content is 5 – 6 times that of apple and 4 times greater tha grape.

Size: 590ml

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